Why we are different

We found the two biggest concerns many of our customers had when considering subdivision was:


How much does it subdivision cost?
What is the subdivision process?

When you don’t work in the industry like we do, the process can seem daunting and hidden expenses pile up quickly.

Subdividing your property can be expensive when not done right. The benefits are not always immediately obvious when you trying figure it all out.

It feels overwhelming and everyone has a million questions that need answering yesterday.

So we listened to our customers and setup a streamline cost effective subdivision survey process that lays out the process from A-Z. We also decided to use a set fee structure which helps you budget better.

Our Solution

We believe we have come up with a solution that makes the subdivision process simpler and fees more transparent.

Fixed, Cost effective Fees

Perth Boundary Surveys has fixed fees. This means no surprises or hidden costs. Get a transparent no obligations quote.

simple survey process

We pride ourselves on our simple survey process. We streamline the process, so you know what to expect the whole process.

Licensed and Experienced

All our surveyors are licensed and experienced. With over 20 years experience you can trust us to manage your subdivision.

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We take our commitment to quality very seriously and guarantee all our work will be accurate and timely.

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